Day 1

  1. Housekeeping

  1. Icebreaker

  1. Please fill out the form to the right.

  1. Timeline

  1. Framework

  1. Inquiry Arc

  1. Discuss Inquiry Component unit components & how it pertains to the inquiry unit

  1. Exit Ticket (please fill out the form under the straw poll!)

Day 2

  1. Share out A Ha’s/Say What from Day 1

  2. Review Inquiry Component’s

  3. Is everyone clear on the different parts/pieces to an inquiry unit

  4. Sharing of Boces Library Media resources

  5. Compilation of information on work done so far
  6. Continuation of work time to develop own Inquiry Unit either individually or in groups!

  7. Exit Ticket (please fill out the form under the straw poll again)

  8. Sharing of work/unit(s) competed so far

Day 3

  1. Review A Ha’s and Say What’s from Day 2

  2. Work time to finish creating inquiry unit that will be used in the 15-16 school year in the classroom!

  3. Participants share out the unit map(s) that were developed & make sure saved in appropriate location

  4. Final day 3 exit ticket  (please fill out the form provided to you)

Day 4

  1. Overview of Framework, Toolkit, and components of Inquiry Unit

  2. Continue/start creating unit maps

Straw Poll

Ticket out the Door